Daggerz™ brand Aluminum Industry Screws are available in a variety of types of fasteners. Used in pool and patio enclosures, windows, doors, hurricane shutters, and other exterior applications, commonly stocked screws have both Self Drilling and Pierce Points, each coated with either a Dagger-Guard Coating or a 2,000 hour Dagger-Ceramic Coating in Bronze or White colors. Zinc plated screws are also in stock and can be painted or coated to any color matched need with short lead times. For metal to metal applications 20 gauge or less, Unslotted Hex Washer Head Sheet Metal Screws have serrations under their heads and a double lead thread which enables fastener penetration and greater holding power. Bonded washers create a leak-resistant seal when fastening to metal. Both the 8 x 3/4 Sheet Metal Screws and Self Drill Screws are stocked with a 3/4” O.D. Aluminum Washer and Dagger-Guard Coating. Make Daggerz™ Aluminum Industry Screws your Choice today!