Dagger-Loks are a complete line of Wood Working screws designed for use in either softwood or hardwood applications. Round Washer Heads are available in both Zinc and Lubricized finishes and are used as cabinet mounting screws and for attaching soft or hardwoods to wood or light gauge steel. Flat heads are available with nibs under the head and a type 17 point for attaching ash, alder, beech, oak, mahogany, walnut, rosewood, teak, MDF board, OSB board and other hardwoods. Our extensive offering of flat heads include not only square, phillips, or a combination square/phillips drive but also are available in a lubricized, zinc, or black phosphate finish. Face Framing Screws are available in several sizes and we have your hinge screw needs covered as well. For more specific cabinetry and wood assembly applications, the Dagger-Lok line even includes specialty wood working screws such as the confirmat screws. Make these Dagger-Lok Wood Working Screws your Choice today!