Daggerz™ Self Drilling Screws are the flagship line of all of the Quality Construction Fasteners offered by International Fasteners, Inc. From a #1 Stitch Point up to a #5 Drill Point which can go thru 1/2” thick steel, your self drill needs are covered! When it comes to head styles, there are many to choose from: Bugle, Flat, Hex Flange, Hex Washer, Modified Truss, Oval, Pan, Pan Framing, Pancake, Thin Wafer, and Trim. Diameters range from a #6 to a #14 depending on style. Looking for odd lengths is also not a problem with lengths ranging from 3/8” up to 8” also depending on style and material like Low Carbon Steel, 305 Stainless Steel, and 410 Stainless Steel. Of course many finishes are also available which include Phosphate, Zinc, Dagger-Guard Coating, ACQ Dagger Ultra-Guard Coating, and Dagger-Pro Ultra-Guard Coating. Have an application with sealing requirements? Many options are available in stock with EPDM Bonded Washers. Make Daggerz™ Self Drilling Screws your Choice today!