Dagger-Tites are commonly referred to as Post Frame or Pole Barn Screws and are used to fasten metal to wood in moderate environmental applications. Offered in a variety of diameters and lengths, all Dagger-Tites have a type 17 point which eliminates pre-drilling and enables a smooth easy penetration. Some diameters are available with or without a Bonded washer which creates a leak-resistant seal when fastening to metal. Of course, they all have a Dagger-Guard Coating which provides excellent corrosion resistance. Hi-Low threading on the #10 diameters help increase holding power. Larger diameter screws offer more threads per inch resulting in greater resistance to thread strip out and a tighter seal. The #17 Diameter Dagger-Tite Type AB Screw with Neo Washer is available in two lengths and is great for use in applications to replace smaller diameter screws where the threads have stripped out. Make Dagger-Tite Post Frame Screws your Choice today!